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The New Hospital To Home Approach

Advanced Care Life Services has Oregon’s most successful Hospital-to-Home program, bypassing the need for a facility stay.

We aim to speed up our clients recovery time and significantly reduce the chances of readmission.

Our program has successfully cared for CVA patients from inpatient rehab centers, surgery patients over the age of 85+ with cholecystectomy, and urostomy patients and allowed them to return to their home environment.

Why & How The CCRT Program Works

CCRT allows patients to go from the hospital directly home bypassing skilled nursing facilities.

What is a comprehensive care response team?

CCRT is a holistic approach to post-surgery care. A patient’s CCRT team consists of trained care staff (24/7 if needed), nursing services from RNs, physical therapist, pharmacy consult and more specialists when needed. 

At ACLS, we have developed a program that utilizes our three most popular services (home care, nursing services, and physical therapy) along with other extended services to meet each patient’s care needs in their home environment.

What Can Our Team Do For You

  • Colostomy / Urostomy Care
  • Wound VAC Care & Support
  • IV Home Infusion
  • Post-op Surgery Care
  • THA & TKA Orthopedic Surgery Care

Why CCRT Works

Our CCRT services come with a robust team of trained healthcare providers working together to achieve better patient outcomes.

Some benefits include home cooked foods, lack of exposure to pathogens found in overcrowded nursing homes, aggressive therapy care, and highly attentive staff in a comfortable environment, all to ensure that the best care can be provided. 

Our nurses work with your provider team to follow all of the instructions and post-surgical care to meet the goals of rehabilitation.  

We Love Our Seniors & They Love Us
Taking care of our aging community is a true honor.
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