Now Offering: Advanced Care Planning

ACLS is expanding its services to help care for the elderly in Southern Oregon. Our founder, Michelle MacGregor RN, WCCOMS, CLNC, is now certified as an Advance Care Planning Facilitator.

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Facilitators play a vital role in healthcare by helping individuals, their families, and loved ones become more engaged in person-centered decision making. However, ACP conversations are not easy, which is why the facilitators are crucial in developing advanced care planning guides, making compassionate choices, and helping with end-of-life decisions, including CPR, DNR, modified code, and post-form.

We are positioned to help with:

  • Elderly care case management
  • Developing an advanced care planning guide
  • Making compassionate choices
  • End-of-life decisions
  • CPR
  • DNR
  • Modified code
  • POLST (Physician Ordered Life Sustaining Treatment) Form

The role of the ACP Facilitator is essential in achieving a compassionate outcome by honoring an individual’s informed healthcare decisions. Reach out today with any questions or to schedule a free assessment.

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